Gone to Seed

We are rushing through summer. Not long ago I was finding the first flowers of the season. Now those flowers have seeded out.

Shooting star   Dodecatheon radicatum


Common pink wintergreen   Pyrola asarifolia


Dewberry   Rubus pubescens 


Pale coralroot orchid   Corallorrhiza trifida


Elephant head   Pedicularis groenlandicus


Wild rose   Rosa acicularis

Pinto Beetle

The wild roses have been prolific this year and most of them have at least one or two small longhorn beetles eating the pollen.

One day a new kid showed up. I nicknamed it “the pinto beetle” for its striking colours, intending at some point to ID it.

I found a lead on Pete Hillman’s nature photography blog.

His photo looked very similar, except his beetle was yellow, mine was creamy white. But he got me going in the right direction.

Today I went hunting again. Bingo! I have a name:  Judolia montivagans, the flower beetle. Quite a mouthful for such a little guy. 🙂

Flower beetle   Judolia monitvagans

Fly By

The wild roses put on a colourful show this spring — their pink blossoms dot roadsides, fence lines and wooded areas.

I got quite used to finding a small long-horned beetle in almost every flower. But when I noticed a not-quite open blossom that looked black inside I came up short.


It was filled with flies!

Were they feeding? Mating? Staying warm?

Moments later they were gone and I was left to ponder the mystery.

Prickly rose   Rosa acicularis