Pink. Again.

This has been a wonderful season for pink wintergreen. More than I recall from past years.

Their stems grace the forest floor with dainty blooms of deep pink, half hidden among other plants.

I thought them nearly over. The ones near home are slowly making seed and looking rather woebegone. Yesterday, trekking further into the trees, proved me wrong.

Wandering through rain-damp woods I counted two dozen or more. Vivid. Shining. Brand-spanking new.

A make-my-day moment.

Common pink wintergreen   Pyrola asarifolia

8 thoughts on “Pink. Again.

  1. I’m finding more and more flowers with names that sound just slightly oxymoronic, like our yellow false indigo and this pink wintergreen. Our scarlet pea is also known as Texas indigo, despite being neither scarlet nor indigo, but salmon-colored. It surely does make the case for the usefulness of scientific names, doesn’t it?

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    1. It does get confusing at times. I like having the option … sometimes those common names are so much fun. And many have interesting backstories to them. But when you really need to know what it is, bring on those scientific names. P.S. Did you get a chance to shoot any RAW on the weekend?


      1. No, I didn’t. I had one little project — getting some photos of a plant I’m trying to ID — but between the unbearable heat and all of the July 4th activities, that project dropped to the bottom of the list. Maybe this weekend!

        I did get a couple of photos of dragonflies that are blog-worthy. Now I need to identify them!

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