First Snow

We knew it was coming: Fierce wind, biting cold, swirling clouds of snow. Still, last winter’s memories had faded. Toques, boots, mitts, jackets — all had been relegated to a dark corner of the basement. We had forgotten the shock such a turn in the weather can bring.

Today it all came rushing back. Winter gear was resurrected and the snow shovel that had languished behind the shed since last spring was dragged to the deck and a pathway cleared down the steps.

Tomorrow? The sun will return, the temperature will rise and by Thursday this will probably have melted.



One Hail of a Storm

July 12th was a typical hot summer day. Until late afternoon. Then black clouds billowed out of the northwest wiping out the sun and trailing thunder so loud it hurt the ears.

It was fury unleashed as the storm pounded the house and turned deck and driveway white with hail.

When the cacophony finally stopped about half an hour later we ventured outside. Nearly 4 cm of water — more than 1.5 inches — sat in the rain gauge. Flower and vegetable gardens resembled huge tossed salads.

In the woods we found the remains of a recently opened wood lily, one petal still clinging to the stem. Pockets of moss held handfuls of white stones (that were still there two days later).

A mossy bed of hailstones

In spite of the damage much of the gardens will recover. That’s the nature of plants.

As for the woods? They were transformed — filled suddenly with light, branches sparkling crystal-like with rain, mist floating in the air …

After the storm

… the wonder of a storm.