‘Tis the season! The time when a gazillion grains of pollen float, sift and drift through the air. (And allergy sufferers go into high gear buying Kleenex and antihistamines.)

The small red male cones in the featured photo are the source of this wonder (or misery, depending on your body’s reaction).

The spruce trees in our woods have unleashed a bumper crop of pollen this year. On one tree near the house there were so many red cones it looked like a Christmas tree on steroids.

Everything is covered with a fine yellow film. And I do mean everything. Check out the tiny whitish dots on this bearberry. Pollen.

Bearberry with pollen

Ditto on this wolf spider.

Wolf spider with pollen

Note the pollen trapped on the deer hair snagged in barbwire.

Pollen on animal hair

And on this tiny wild plant.

Leaves and buds with pollen (blueberry?)

And of course, when you turn on the windshield washer you canย reallyย see those pollen grains. ๐Ÿ™‚

Truck hood with pollen

White spruceย  ย Picea glauca

19 thoughts on “Pollen-ated

  1. We are recovering from a massive dump of poplar STICKY buds, soon to be followed by a cloud of free โ€œcottonโ€. The wonders of nature in Spring ! Thanks for a delightful nature survey, Judi

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  2. We’re about done with it now, but it does come in waves: first the ashe juniper, then oak and hackberry, then pine, then… Trying to varnish in pollen season is pure delight, believe me. I’ve never thought to photograph it, as you have here. I’m usually too busy trying not to be grumpy about it.

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    1. When it drifts in mists across the yard it’s quite noticeable, like a yellow fog. This was the first year I really noticed individual grains โ€” thanks to the extension tubes I’m using for closeups. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hey Curt โ€” yes, definitely sneeze season. Glad I don’t suffer from allergies. I’ve seen electron (?) photos of pollen grains โ€” incredible shapes.


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