Moose on the Loose

For several evenings we’ve been treated to a visit by two young bull moose. They are possibly last year’s calves, out on their own. Or maybe they’re just a couple of teenagers, hanging out together.

They were curious about our deck. One nibbled the edge but decided it wasn’t worth the bite.  Then it was back to what they came for—tender willow leaves.

The bumps on their foreheads? This year’s antlers in the making. The skin, known as velvet, provides blood and nutrients to the growing bone beneath.

Young bull moose dining on willows

14 thoughts on “Moose on the Loose

    1. Maybe you’ll just have to come to Alberta! A couple of weeks ago a huge bull appeared He already had quite a sizeable rack—a force to be reckoned with come mating season.

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  1. Moose are so funny looking — and yet appear to be so sweet. I’ve never seen one in the wild, and had no idea they’d approach houses so closely. Maybe you’re farther “out in the sticks” than I’ve realized!

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    1. My sentiments exactly. Normally they don’t approach so close but … I guess we seem okay. We live IN the woods, not separate from them so it certainly provides lots of cover and easy access to tall timber. 😉


    1. Isn’t it interesting that we often take for granted what is in our own backyard. I would love to see hedgehogs (and a photo would be a plus) but just seeing them would be a thrill. That said, I’m still excited to see moose even tho’ we have lived near them for years. 🙂

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