Gone With The Wind

If farmers harvested dandelions, this would be a bumper crop. Yellow flowers are so thick on pastures and fields this spring it looks as though they’ve been planted. It’s like walking on a carpet.

As an immigrant it’s done well. Europeans supposedly brought it with them to North America, growing it for food and medicine. Not so anymore. It’s a target for anyone who likes a weed-free garden and lawn. Too bad. It really is a most attractive plant.

Of course all that yellow turns into seeds that are borne away by the lightest breath of air, continuing the cycle of conquering new lands or re-seeding old ones. 🙂




Common dandelion   Taraxacum officinale

Mother Nature’s MBSR

MBSR — Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. A program designed to help you cope with pain, illness and the stresses of everyday life. Mindfulness focusses on living in the moment.

I slip between two strands of barbwire and into the pasture. Snow patches still linger from the weekend’s storm. I’m gloved-up, wearing balaclava, winter coat and boots.

It’s mid-afternoon and although the sun is shining it’s only a few degrees above freezing.

My ramble brings me to a sunny south-facing slope that slides down to a little creek. I pull out a plastic bag I carry for such occasions (thank you, Walmart) and plunk my butt down on the damp grassy earth.

It takes several moments before the angst and anxiety begin to fade. Shallow water, rippling over pebbles, is balm for the soul. The sun, on hands and face, slows the heart.

Water Music

Up the slope and out of sight behind me, the distant sound of cows in conversation.

Sitting with the willows on a sunny slope

My eyes leave the water and rest on the ground nearby. A dandelion has popped out from beneath melting snow. A wood ant scurries past, followed by a harvestman. Then between my boots I see a flash of red. To my surprise and delight, a half-ripe strawberry. In October.

Sitting, mindful in this moment, I am at peace.

October 11, 2016