Gone to Seed

We are rushing through summer. Not long ago I was finding the first flowers of the season. Now those flowers have seeded out.

Shooting star   Dodecatheon radicatum


Common pink wintergreen   Pyrola asarifolia


Dewberry   Rubus pubescens 


Pale coralroot orchid   Corallorrhiza trifida


Elephant head   Pedicularis groenlandicus


Wild rose   Rosa acicularis

9 thoughts on “Gone to Seed

  1. Just this morning I was looking at photos of wild iris that I took in March. I’d meant to post them, and now we’re coming to the end of July. The riches are nearly overwhelming. It truly has been hard to keep up with the profusion of flowers this year. I still feel like it ought to be spring, but the late summer flowers already are growing and putting out buds. Dear, me!


    1. The same quandry here! I’ve several photo files taken earlier that are unposted. I may be posting them next winter if I don’t do something soon. 🙂


    1. Alto’ some of the main flowers are done there are still more on the way … asters, fleabanes, fireweed. And of course lots of summer insects .. no shortage of subjects yet. 🙂

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